Become A Leader. Start Your People’s Republic!


The People’s Republics is a t-shirt brand celebrating civic pride and community engagement. Our mission is to build a national network of socially and environmentally conscious individuals proud to celebrate their city and committed to creating lasting change….one t-shirt at a time.

The city-based people’s republic concept isn’t limited to Portland. There are many like-minded cities and communities out there who share similar values about environmental & social responsibility and similar visions of a better world. PROP seeks to foster relationships and create partnerships with those communities and cities such as Brooklyn, Boulder, Livingston, and Louisville and grow the network of individuals who care about a better future. Let’s celebrate your city, your people and unite to create a model for real change.

We’d love to collaborate with you to create a custom People’s Republics design for your community!

Here’s how it works:

$15.00/tshirt (no minimum required) + $115 design fee & screen cost

Please contact me directly at or call me at 503-784-0443

* If you are a retailer wanting to start a new republic for your store there are licensing options available.

 To joint ventures and radical endeavors!

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