What is Community Rights? by Paul Cienfuegos

The national Community Rghts movement represents a local level cultural and legal strategy for communities, both conservative and progressive, it’s not about ideology, to rein in corporate power.
If you’re a single issue activist, as Paul Cienfuegos was for many years, using conventional methods, mostly regulation and protests, it’s time to recognize corporate harms as merely symptoms of allowing corporations to claim constitutional “rights”, sometimes referred to as corporate personhood. Join with Community Rights activists, be trained and guided, to pass enforceable laws that prohibit harms, by reigning in corporate “rights”. Join 150 communities in eight states which have already done so.

Paul Cienfuegos offers his knowledge and expertise as a regional leader of the Community Rights movement. His email address is paul@100fires.com. For a selection of Paul’s writings, interviews, and speeches, and for more info on bringing Paul to your community or registering for an upcoming teleconference workshop, go to PaulCienfuegos.com.

Interview and filmed by Barry Heidt of Sustainability Action Media (SAM) with help of Ruth Ann Barrett of EarthSayers.tv and Tom Hopkins of Sustainable Today in October, 2012.

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